Account Setup

The process to apply for DM/DWBE Certification and/or SBE Registration with Hillsborough County involves 2 steps:

Please fill in the information below. The account setup process takes only a couple of minutes, and all information can be updated at any time after your account has been setup. You will then be automatically logged into your account and directed to the start of the application form. This account setup will provide secure access to the system; it is not the final step. You must complete and submit an application for DM/DWBE Certification or SBE Registration.

Important Note: If you received any form of notice from Hillsborough County regarding this system, an account may have been pre-configured for you. If you are currently DM/DWBE certified or have a current SBE registration with Hillsborough County, then an account already exists and your firm is already in the system. Please look up your business to see if an account already exists. You can also check with Customer Service before creating an account.

If you have questions about this account setup process or need more information, please contact Customer Service.

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Section 1: Business Lookup
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Enter your firm's Tax ID Number and click Lookup to check if an account already exists.
9 digit Federal Tax ID; firms are strongly encouged not to use SSN as the tax ID. Tax ID Numbers can be easily obtained from the IRS at no charge.
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To clear this issue and get you on your way, it will be necessary to (1) log-off, (2) log back in, and (3) return to this process. In some cases, it may be necessary to completely close this Internet browser and other related windows after you logoff to fully clear the setting.
When presented in the future with an alert, please do not click the "Prevent this page from creating additional dialogs" checkbox, as the situation will repeat.
Thank you!